Lindsay Blair Howe


Emphasizing empirical findings in order to theorize from below is one of the cornerstones of my teaching pedagogy. My current teaching primarily engages with urbanization and uneven urban development, and my first teaching experiences were with architectural and urban design studios. The coursework I co-design at the Chair of Sociology transmits basic methods of social science research to students of architecture and urban design. This semester, for example, this includes a required lecture course entitled Methods of Urban Research for 160 MSc students and an elective research seminar entitled Extended Urbanization for 60 BSc and MSc students.
I believe in making information relatable and applicable for students, demonstrating real-life examples and studies. My teaching activities have included:

2018-           Extended Urbanization (MSc/BSc)
2018-           NSL 1: Methods of Urban Research (MSc)
2017-           Master’s Thesis Ancillary Discipline (MSc)
2015            Summer School (Vertical studio BSc/MSc)
2014-2016   Architectural Design V-IX (Vertical studio BSc/MSc)

My architectural design teaching for Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch at the UNESCO Chair for Earthen Architecture, Building Cultures and Sustainable Development focused on the connection between sustainable building materials, cycles of urbanization, and architectural designs with a particular focus on earth building.