Dr. Lindsay Blair Howe


I specialize in German-English translations loosely related to the fields of architecture and design. Some of my most recent book projects have been with the ZHAW Institute Urban Landscape, including Proportions and Cognition and The Architectonics of Game Spaces by Prof. Andri Gerber.

I have previous worked on translation projects ranging from product design, such as Edition Nikolas Kerl, to architectural monographs like e2a architecture. I have also edited many projects for the gta Press, such as Urban Code: 100 Lessons for Understanding the City and Venturing Permanence.

One of my most extensive German-English translations was a monograph on Martin Rauch’s approach to building with rammed earth, edited by Otto Kapfinger and Marco Sauer. It’s not only an informative source of information on earthen construction, but filled with stunning photographs of previously unpublished works by Lehm Ton Erde.

Refined Earth: Designing & Building with Rammed Earth.
Refined Earth: Designing & Building with Rammed Earth.

Send me an email at howe (at) arch.ethz.ch if you’re interested in discussing a translation or copy editing project!