Dr. Lindsay Blair Howe


I publish on a wide range of topics related to the urban, from geography and theory to sustainable urbanism and architectural design.

My peer-reviewed publications present the results of my extensive empirical studies in Southern Africa, connecting them to unique forms of spatial production and everyday experiences of the urban. This includes two recent papers on the relationship between people’s spaces and their agency, with a particular focus on mobility and migration (one of which has just been accepted with revisions!). This ties to my current postdoctoral work in Johannesburg, being conducted within the framework of the Mothers in the City GCRO-Wits University joint research project). I am currently preparing several other journal manuscripts I hope to share with you soon.

My most recent book, Upscaling Earth, was co-authored with Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch and examines the potential of building with rammed earth for the environment, economy, and society – proposing a paradigm shift in how we understand and practice “sustainable” building.

Recent Publications

Upscaling Earth. Material, Process, Catalyst. With Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch. 2019. Zurich: gta Press.
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“Paradigm Johannesburg: Control and insurgency in South African urban development.” In: International Development Planning Review 40(4), Liverpool University Press, 349-369.
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“The Extended Urbanization of Johannesburg.” In: Jahrbuch. 2017: gta Press, Zurich.
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“Constancy and Change: Marlboro South as an Interstice of Marginalization and Development in the Gauteng City-Region. Report 8. Spatial Transformation through Transit-Oriented Development in Johannesburg Research Report Series. 2017: South African Research Chair in Spatial Analysis and City Planning. University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
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